How to Make a Content Strategy for Your Technology Company

Technology companies are no different than normal companies, but their products and services are oftentimes very advanced and specific. You can’t simply launch your content out for the entire world to see. It has to find the right target audience in the right context, so that they’ll better understand your product/service and see how it’s relevant to their life or business.

You may think that producing and promoting your content are the only two steps to your content strategy, but there is a lot more that goes into the process. Content strategy includes the content review, planning, creation, delivery, and reporting phases. Each of these five stages is equally important. Below, MBudo explains what goes into the fives steps of your tech company’s content strategy.

Content strategy technology content review

1. Content Review & Management

The very first step in your content strategy is reviewing all the content that currently exists. This is often called a “content audit”. Content could include old press releases, powerpoint presentations, event