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    So you're looking for an Inbound Marketing Agency in Madrid?

    It can be hard to find an agency in Madrid that specializes in Inbound Marketing. Maybe you're wondering what exactly is Inbound Marketing? Well, it's a very specific subset of the overall Marketing field, and very few agencies have expertise and project experience in Inbound Marketing. 

    mbudo is the exception! We are a premier Inbound Marketing Agency in Madrid, Spain.


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    About mbudo 

    Discover the background, team, and values of mbudo Marketing & Ideas!

    mbudo was founded in Madrid, Spain in 2017. Although we are a young agency, our experience in the Marketing industry runs deep.

    Founders David Romero and Ana Botija have a combined 35 years of experience successfully leading Marketing and Sales teams. After years of working at large corporations, they finally teamed up to achieve their dream of starting a small, but specialized Inbound Marketing agency to better meet the needs of clients while still producing high-quality work. Read the story!

    The mbudo team is made up of passionate and dedicated individuals. We are Marketing professionals with experience in journalism, design, engineering, psychology, and economics...even geography! We are devoted to meeting the needs of our clients by continually developing our skills in Marketing and other areas in order to be the most cross-functional agency possible. 

    mbudo is all about the client experience and quality deliverables.

    In becoming a premier Inbound Marketing agency, we wanted to make sure that we could be an end-to-end provider for our clients, starting our journey with them at the strategy stage and ending with successful results. Because of this objective, we have expertise in all areas of Inbound. If you're looking for it, mbudo can do it!

    Part of our success is due to the HubSpot platform. It enables us to do everything needed in Inbound Marke

    ting: Landing pages, workflows, contact management, blog posts, social media advertising...all in one place! We are a HubSpot Diamond Partner

    Finally, although mbudo is based in Madrid, we consider ourselves a global Inbound Marketing agency. Our team is made up of Spaniards, an American, a Colombian, and we hope to keep adding to this diverse mix. We are natives in the Spanish and English languages, and we are learning many more! 

    mbudo is proud to be an expert Inbound Marketing agency in Madrid.

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    Continue reading below to learn the essentials of Inbound Marketing and mbudo's specialties and project experience!

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    The Essentials for Inbound Marketing

    Inbound Marketing is a great way to efficiently manage your CRM, streamline processes, produce great content, attract and nurture leads, and close sales. Successful Inbound Marketing can't be done without a few essentials. At mbudo, we have expertise in a wide range of strategic areas of Inbound Marketing, starting with the definition of your strategy and going all the way to analytics and reports.

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    Below, discover 5 essential areas for the success of your Inbound Marketing project.

    Inbound Marketing Strategy

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    Your strategy is at the core of everything you will do in Inbound Marketing. It is the first step you will take and mbudo would like to take this step with you!

    mbudo knows how to create an Inbound Marketing Strategy for any type of company due to decades of experience in the Marketing field. We have worked with large corporations to SMEs. We specialize in B2B, technological companies, and the industrial sector, but we push ourselves to develop the ultimate digital strategy for every client.    

    Whatever your business, we create a personalized Inbound Marketing Strategy just for you. Buyer Personas, segmentation, branding, , a content plan, advertising, lead capture, loyalty Marketing, automation, analysis...these are all things that need to be defined and expanded upon to make sure you're achieving your business objects and targeting the right customers

    With every client, mbudo focuses on your pain points, objectives, current initiatives, and long-term goals in order to create a tailor-made Marketing Strategy that works for your company.

    The HubSpot Platform

    HubSpot is the best platform to execute your Inbound Strategy. mbudo is a HubSpot Diamond Partner and for the past few years we have worked with HubSpot every single day. We even attend the HubSpot Conference every year to learn the newest trends!

    We help our clients get the most out of their Inbound Marketing projects by using the best platform for the job: HubSpot. Of course, we also work with companies and projects outside the HubSpot platform, but HubSpot was built specifically for Inbound Marketing, which is why it performs Inbound functions better than any other platform.

    Via the platform, you can take advantage of the HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, or Service Hub, depending on the needs of your business. There are also various plans to choose from, starting with the free version, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

    To learn more about HubSpot, check out the Hubspot website. Or discover our blog post on why it's the best platform on the market.

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    CRM and Customer Lifecycles

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    Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is key to the organization of your Marketing Strategy. With all HubSpot Hubs comes their fantastic CRM, which helps manage data and leads effectively.  

    mbudo conducts a detailed review of your CRM to see how to better organize it. We can also perform the integration of your current CRM with HubSpot, whether it be Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or other. Discover which platforms can be combined with HubSpot. 

    Not only do we clean up your CRM, we develop strategies to define your customer lifecycles, segment Buyer Personas, manage lists, personalize any fields/filters that are important to your business, and track leads throughout the Buyer's Journey. In line with this is the appropriate content and actions for each stage of the purchase cycle. 

    Your Customer Strategy should always be aligned with your business objectives and your Marketing and Sales Strategymbudo makes sure to understand which visitors you want to attract (or not attract) and their motivations for becoming a potential customer of your brand. 

    Marketing Automation

    Every business in the world wants to increase efficiency. Have you looked at your business development, sales, or customer service processes lately? The truth is: they could probably do with some updating. Marketing Automation is all about creating the most efficient processes for your company, and it usually involves lists, workflows, and proper implementation and management of your CRM. 

    At mbudo, we are experts in creating complex workflows to organize all of your processes. From email campaigns to chatbots to ticketing processes, Marketing Automation works behind the scenes so you can do more important things. Automation is a great way to scale without having a big team or a lot of resources. Your workflows will work 24/7 to pick up the slack when your team isn't at the office or when they're busy with other tasks.  

    It can be quite technical to set up workflows, so you need an expert agency partner like mbudo to help you get started and optimize your workflows over time. After all, implementation without revision and improvements means your strategy could fall behind the latest trends. mbudo won't let that happen!  

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    Content and Social Media

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    As Marketers always say, "Content is King." Well, it's more true than ever before. Your content can make or break your business, which is why you need to have an amazing content strategy put into place.

    Your content strategy should take into account things like Buyer Personas, the Buyer's Journey, SEO, topic clusters, length, tone of voice, etc. How you talk to a contact is just as important as when you talk to them. Are you meeting leads in the right place at the right time? 

    The mbudo team are specialists in content creation and content plans. We develop websites, blog posts, Landing pages, emails, rebranding campaigns, social media posts and pages, and bascially everything else that can we written or designed. We make sure that your content stays agile and proactive, so that you can pivot for any unexpected challenges or opportunities.

    In line with your content, comes social media. You can't create great content without a way to spread it and promote your brand. From the HubSpot platform you can directly integrate your social channels and create ads for social media or Google. This makes it easy to organize and track your campaigns, see results, and make appropriate changes. No matter what we do in Inbound Marketing, we follow everything up with analytics and reports. 

    As you can see, mbudo is an end-to-end Inbound Marketing Agency that would love to be part of your team! 

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    The mbudo Method

    Client Experience

    The mbudo Method is our agency's guiding principle. It has two main aspects: client experience and excellent deliverables. When you work with mbudo, you will know exactly what you'll get. 

    • First touch – From the very first time we meet, the client experience begins. We are dedicated to solving clients' problems and only take on projects that we are passionate about. You will feel like part of the mbudo team before you decide to work with us and even after your project has finished. 
    • Active listening – mbudo is here to listen to your needs, take a look at your processes and objectives, and find what works for you. 
    • Only solutions – With mbudo you'll get only solutions, never problems.
    • Onboarding process – Our onboarding process is our way of making you feel like part of the mbudo team. You will receive a welcome pack and regular communications. 

    Excellent Deliverables

    Part two of the mbudo Method is excellent deliverables, which means that we only turn in the highest quality work in the established timetable.  

    • Tailor-made proposals – Your needs as a company and client are absolutely unique. You will never get a second-hand proposal that we have used with another client.
    • Project Management – When your project is in mbudo's hands, we get your deliverables to you on time, within budget, and always exceeding expectations with our ideas. 
    • Innovative content formats – We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Marketing. In addition to proven methods (blogs, email), we also explore innovative formats to bolster your Marketing strategy (new social channels, video, AI). 
    • Content Revision – It's not enough to create content and leave it there for the rest of its lifecycle. Content must be reworked to stay in line with new trends, recycled into new formats, or realigned with new business objectives. 

    Why mbudo?

    We are the best Inbound Marketing Agency in Madrid

    • mbudo is based in Madrid but we have the ability and resources to work all over Spain and  with global companies  or expand your business internationally.
    • Our unique mbudo Method means you always know what to expect: the best client experience and high-quality deliverables.
    • We are an end-to-end provider, with our specialties ranging from Strategy and Lifecycles to Content and Automation.
    • mbudo is a HubSpot Diamond Partner and we have worked with the HubSpot platform daily for over 3 years. 
    • Lastly, we've got an e-book that explains why mbudo could be the perfect fit for your company and project!

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    If you're ready to explore the world of Inbound Marketing, make sure you have a partner by your side to guide you.
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