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    Since 2017, we have been making life easier for our clients. We count on more than 10 years of experience defining and implementing strategies for Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing. In only 4 years, we have become a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency.

    Journalists, Economists, Designers, Engineers, and even a Geographer. We are a multidisciplinary team that brings a different vision to our clients.

    We’re not the biggest Inbound Marketing Agency in Spain, but we have the most expertise. We are experts in understanding your business and its needs in order to achieve your objectives.

    The mbudo team has successfully undertaken dozens of projects using the HubSpot platform. We’ve implemented complex commercial processes, client lifecycles, lead capture and nurturing, automated workflows based on customer behavior, and integrated all of this with CRMs and BI platforms.

    A team that’s always at your service. Experts in strategy, Inbound Marketing, content, design, creativity, and business. Want to find out more? Contact us!

    David Romero

    Founder & Managing Director

    David has more than 20 years of experience as a Director of Marketing for Spanish and international companies. He has over 10 years of experience implanting Inbound Marketing strategies for B2B with a commercial focus. His motto is: always be learning!

    Ana María Botija

    Partner & Inbound Director

    Ana is our Inbound Marketing Director. With more than 15 years of experience, she has worked with multinational IT and Telco companies in the areas of Engineering, Business Development, and Marketing. Ana has wide experience in Inbound strategy, Hubspot and Pardot project implementation, and CRM integrations.

    Mary Swick

    Inbound Manager

    Mary has nearly 10 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising, with her specialties being Content Marketing and Copywriting. In her time with mbudo, she has become an Inbound expert in areas including Content Strategy, SEO, and Automation. Mary is an English (USA) native with deep knowledge of international markets.

    Anna Chizhikova

    Inbound Manager

    Anna holds a degree in Linguistics, and has found her vocation in the field of Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. She strongly believes in the power of communication and in Conversational Marketing and Analytics. She loves combining her technical and creative knowledge with her passion for languages in the day-to-day tasks.

    Kenia Pinela

    Inbound & Design Manager

    A graduate in design, Kenia's passion is the analysis and synthesis of shapes and concepts. Her motivation is personal development and continual learning, which is why she is always looking for new design challenges.

    Alexia Palancar

    Inbound Manager

    Alexia has 7 years of experience in Marketing. She's graduated in Advertising and PR, with a master's degree in Digital Marketing. Responsible person and very organized, goal oriented, and a great teamplayer! Her passion is marketing, progressing and learning within a professional and dynamic environment.

    Andrés Rivera

    Inbound Sales Manager

    Graduated in Marketing with a specialization in Digital Marketing + Cloud Computing. He began his professional career with tech companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and HubSpot Co Ireland. From that moment, Inbound came to his life and never looked back!

    Yaiza Fierro

    Project Mananger

    With a degree in International Relations and in Translation and Interpretation, Yaiza has always felt that communication is where she belongs. She enjoys managing projects with clients and ever since she discovered Inbound, she has found a new passion. The key to success is to believe in yourself!

    Sandra Martín

    Inbound Marketing Manager

    Alexandra is an expert in automation tools and social media strategy. With more than 5 years of experience in Business Management, she is an enthusiast of Inbound Marketing and Neuromarketing.

    Bianca Alves

    Portugal Inbound Specialist

    Graduated in Journalism with a Master’s Degree in Product Management and Marketing, Bianca has experience in public relations and content creation. One of her great passions is communication and its different forms and functions. When it comes to work, she is very committed and always ready for a new challenge.

    Leonardo Fornasari

    Inbound Specialist

    Graduated in Business Administration, he has a passion for languages and people, he strives to delight them and fight to achieve their goals. Committed to strike objectives, putting communication first and the constant desire to innovate in order to never stop growing.

    Alejandro Reviriego

    Inbound Specialist

    Alejandro has marketing degree. A neuromarketing enthusiast who always aspires to get the best out of each project, a perfectionist, curious and a fighter, he's dedicated to constantly improve himself.

    Jennifer Menayo

    Inbound Designer

    Graduated in fine arts, she completed a master's degree in advertising graphic design to expand her knowledge. Her challenges are the creation of new ideas applied to design, as well as learning and improving herself every day.

    Silvia Martínez

    Inbound Designer

    Graduated in Fine Arts, she has completed a master's degree in digital marketing and social networks and is a senior technician in graphic design. Silvia is a design enthusiast, but she is always ready to explore new areas that can help her complement her training and experience. Her main motivation is coming up with new ideas and visual content creation, as well as continuously learning new things.

    We don’t talk about our own successes. But our clients do.

    Begoña Sagūes
    Panda Security

    After almost two years working with mbudo, I want to highlight their total commitment to the Panda Security project, their ability to understand our business, and their deep knowledge of HubSpot.

    Fernando Siles Martín
    Worten España

    At mbudo they understand how to do business. They will bring a different point of view to your project and instantly become part of your team, making your successes their successes.

    Jesús Cuadrado
    Madison MK

    The professionalism of mbudo, along with their experience in Telco and IT, has highly contributed to the successful deployment of our Inbound Marketing approach. The alignment with the marketing team was fantastic. 

    Why mbudo is different?
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